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Terms of use

The use of the website, which we maintain, requires that the user follow these terms of use.

Rights and responsibilities of users

The website can be viewed, browsed and printed for personal use. The user may not copy or otherwise reproduce, transfer, distribute, or save any content of the website, nor use images, product information, trademarks, logos or other content without a prior written permission from us. Text or images may not be used for commercial purposes.

The availability and contents of the online service

We do not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information found on the website. The images, product information, product availability and all other materials available on the website are published without any guarantees.

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of use, layout, contents, availability or services provided thereof, or the other characteristics of the website without an advance notification or for any reason.

We do not guarantee the uninterrupted or disturbance-free operation of the website, nor will we be held responsible for its availability. We reserve the right to temporarily take out of use some service, or part of a service, of the website, for instance in order to keep up or maintain the pages. Unless otherwise provided in mandatory legislation, we will not be held liable of any use of the website, prevented use of it or any other damage caused by it.

Third-party services

Our website may feature links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. When accessing these websites, users must read and accept any terms and conditions of these websites before using them. We have no opportunity to affect the content of websites created or published by someone else than S-Business Oy, and we will not be held liable for the operation, content or other properties of these websites produced by third parties.

Use of cookies and gathering of information

We use cookies on our website, for instance in order to enable functions and prepare statistics on our website. The use of certain services requires that the internet browser accept cookies.

The user can prevent the use of cookies from the terminal’s browser settings, or delete the cookies that were saved into the browser.  Preventing the use of cookies might have an effect on the functioning of the services provided on the website (e.g. Extranet, application forms).

Following the numbers of and keeping statistics of the visitors

We gather on our website information about the number of visitors and check the visitor’s browser version. This information cannot be connected to a particular user. The analysis is based on the Google Analytics reporting tool. For further information, please contact:

S-Business Extranet

Our Extranet service needs cookies in order to function. This requires that the user accept cookies.

The following information about the user is saved when the service is used:

  • The user’s internet address
  • The browser version
  • The time of the latest log-in and the number of log-in attempts
  • The user’s choice of language
  • The email address to which the link for changing the password was ordered
  • In case there is a malfunction, the identifier belonging to the function (e.g. search parameter) is saved. The identifier is a unique system identifier used to find out what event is in question.

S-Business application

The S-Business application requires that the user has accepted cookies. The information fed onto the application that can be previewed from the form is saved into our customer register according to the data protection protocol.

Chat service

When the Chat service is used we gather customer information about the user, including internet addresses and the contents of the Chat conversations. Most of this information is provided when the connection is made by the user who takes part in a chat conversation in the service.

We do not ask for or release sensitive information through the Chat, including personal identity codes or card numbers. The user should also avoid transmitting such information to us via the Chat.

The saved Chat conversations are stored for two (2) years, after which they are destroyed. We gather analytical information about the Chat service’s use, for example in order to develop the service.

Intellectual property rights

The content of our website, including images, product information, trademarks, product names, logos, etc. are the property of S-Business Oy or a third party, and are protected by intellectual property legislation and other legislation.

We reserve all the rights to the website and its content, unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions of use or on the website.

Supported browsers

The website can be used with all commonly used browsers. In the interests of data security and the general functionality of the pages, we recommend that you use the most recent browser version.