Choose a Finnish and entirely receipt-free business card

Choose a Finnish and entirely receipt-free business card

Unparalleled everyday convenience

S-Business is a Finnish charge card for companies and communities in all fields of business. The card is accepted in all S Group locations and brings you purchase discounts and benefits. You do not need to keep the receipt, as all the information you need for accounting is included in the monthly card invoice.

Discounts for purchases

Concentrate your company’s shopping in the S Group and save significant sums of money each year. The S-Business Card offers you benefits and discounts in all S Group locations from ABC stations to S-market stores, and from restaurants to hardware stores.

Most useful for accounting


  • Pay all purchases once a month with a single invoice
  • Invoices include all the required information for accounting
  • The invoice is readily suitable for VAT deduction
  • Costs can be transferred to the most common management systems
  • Custom free of charge and approximately 30 days of interest-free payment period

Choose a card for your needs

You can find the best S-Business Card for the needs of your company or community. You can use the General Card to pay for purchases in any S Group location, whilst the ABC Cards have limitations to only certain product purchases. All S-Business Cards can be either personal or for shared use.

General card

S Group’s range of products and services


Fuel, charging of electric cars, vehicle accessories, car wash at ABC service stations.


Fuel and charging of electric cars at ABC service stations.


Vehicle accessories and car wash at ABC service stations.

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S-Business Customer Services
tel. 010 76 80820 (Mon–Fri 8–16)
call price 8,35 cnt/tel+12,09 cnt/min


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