Verkkopalvelussamme käytetään evästeitä käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseen. Evästeinformaatio

Information about cookies

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores your device. We use cookies because they enable us to offer you a better user experience. With the help of cookies, we can also collect data about the use of our website, which will help us measure and improve the performance of our site.

The -site and the Extranet service

On the site automatic cookies and performance cookies are normally in use. In the S-Business Extranet service cookies are always active to ensure the functionality of the site, and they cannot be removed from use. We do not, however, store personal information.

What to do if you want to deactivate cookies

You can deactivate the cookies on the site through your browser’s cookie settings. Your browser’s Help function will have information on how to change these settings.

The cookies used in the S-Business Extranet service cannot be deactivated, as preventing the use of cookies might have an effect on the functions of the services provided on the website, such as the application form.

Third-party services

Our website may feature links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. When accessing these websites, users shall read and accept any terms and conditions of these websites before using them. We have no opportunity to affect the content of websites created or published by someone else than S-Business Oy, and we will not be held liable for the operation, content or other properties of these websites produced by third parties.

Third parties do not have the possibility to use S-Business Oy’s cookies.

Types of cookiesThe purpose of using cookies and their data protection
Automatic cookiesWe use automatic cookies to save cookies that enable the use of the service on your terminal device. These cookies include e.g. language settings and other online service settings.
Performance cookiesWe use performance cookies to save performance and analytics cookies on your terminal device. Performance cookies enable us to improve the user experience and usability of our services.

The site

On our website, we collect information about visitors and check the visitor’s browser version. The analysis is based on the Google Analytics and Leadfeeder reporting tools. We use this data to monitor visitor numbers, identify companies using our site and follow what pages are visited.

The collected data will not be linked to an individual person.

Location of the cookieName of the cookieType of the cookiePurposeStorage period
S-Business.fisbusiness_cookieacceptAutomatic cookieInformation on accepting the use of cookies1 year from acceptance
S-Business.fi_gaPerformance cookieGoogle Analytics performance cookies2 years
S-Business.fi_gidPerformance cookieGoogle Analytics performance cookies1 day
S-Business.fi_gac*Performance cookieGoogle Analytics performance cookies90 days
S-Business.fi_IfaPerformance cookieLeadfeeder performance cookies2 years

The Extranet service

Our Extranet service and the application form both need cookies to function. Data are saved also to review possible errors that have occurred. Performance cookies related to the customisation of the user interface (e.g. language selections, organisation selection, instructions for automatic posting)

Location of the cookieName of the cookieType of the cookiePurpose
Storage period
Extranet/ Application form_gaPerformance cookie
Google analytics performance cookies2 years
Extranet/ Application form_gidPerformance cookieGoogle analytics performance cookies1 day
Extranet/ Application form_gac*Performance cookieGoogle analytics performance cookies90 days
Extranet/ Application form__RequestVerificationTokenAutomatic cookieData security enhancing cookieSession-specific
ExtranetRefreshTokenAutomatic cookieSign-in cookie

The Chat service

Cookies are necessary for providing the chat service.

If you have accepted the Cookies information regarding the chat service, the service will use cookies and the cookies cannot be prevented. When using the chat service, we gather customer information about the user, including and analysis data and the content of the chats. Should you not accept the cookies information, the chat service cannot be used and it will not collect the beforementioned data.

Location of the cookieName of the cookieType of the cookiePurposeStorage period
Chat servicegiosg_chat_idAutomatic cookieUnique users are recognised and the continuity of the discussion from one site to another is enabled2 years
Chat servicegiosg_gidPerformance cookie
Analytic cookie that enables the continuity of a chat from one domain to another2 years
Chat servicegiosg_sgidAutomatic cookieUnique anonymous id that prevents other parties from entering a discussion2 years
Chat servicegiosg_gsessidAutomatic cookieThe cookie is used to determine the amounts of visits and for analytics30 minutes
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